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Registration Coming Soon – Exceeding our Patrons’ Expectations

The San Diego Chapter of the Special Libraries Association’s annual professional development seminar to be held on Friday, September 30, 2016 at 1936 Quivira Way, Marina Village Conference Center, San Diego, California.

The 2016 theme is:

Exceeding our Patrons’ Expectations: The Engagement-Centered Library

How is your library creating extraordinary experiences that inspire curiosity, promote collaboration, and transform learning and research? Are you trying some innovative practices; looking at user-focused strategies; and honing in on strategic partnerships to cultivate personal, academic and organizational success with your library patrons? What measures have you put in place to try and become more engaged with your users?

This year’s Seminar will focus on how librarians coordinate the libraries’ user experience and engagement efforts, for both the online and physical library environments. We are looking for presentations that share knowledge and insights about the tools, methods, and skills that help us learn more about ways to contribute to best practices in library user engagement. Proposals that demonstrate audience engagement will be more favorably considered.

Proposals will be accepted in two formats: Individual/Group Presentation and Roundtable Discussion topics for moderator-facilitated group discussion.   Presentation and Roundtable Discussions may address, but are not limited to, the following topics as specifically focused on practices/concepts:

  • Changing organizational structures and staffing models
  • Examining the impact of emerging digital technologies and web services
  • Transforming scholarly communication
  • Emphasizing space as service
  • Conducting effective service assessment
  • New definitions and philosophies of public services
  • Enhancing teaching and learning
  • Collaborative efforts outside of the library
  • Adjusting library strategy to match organizational changes & challenges

Proposals are accepted from information professionals working in all types of environments; SLA membership is not required. Please include in your proposal submission:

  • Speaker information: Name(s), affiliation, contact information
  • Description: a title and brief summary of your presentation or Roundtable topic (up to 500 words)
    • Presentation format – individual speaker, team presentation or panel discussion
    • Roundtable – your interest in moderating or suggested moderator

Presentations should be approximately 30-45 minutes in length for Individual/Group Presentation and 15-20 minute discussion time for Roundtables. Please submit your proposal to us at by June 24, 2016 July 1, 2016. The seminar committee will select presentations by July 15, 2016.

Be sure to save the date for September 30 on your calendar. Further details and registration will be posted in July on the SLA-SD website http://sandiego.sla/org and via email.

We hope to see you there!

Beth Autin & Zem Lee


**Questions are welcome, just ask!**



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SLA-SD Fall Seminar 2014 – Interview with Keynote Speaker

The keynote speaker at this year’s Fall Seminar will be Hsuanwei Michelle Chen, Assistant Professor at San Jose State University’s iSchool. In this interview, Prof. Chen tells us a little about her research, including a sneak peak at her upcoming presentation.


Prof. Chen, as a data scientist, your research focuses on big data visualization and social network analysis. What are some specific topics you are currently investigating?


I’m currently working on a few projects that focus on how to use information visualization to improve data analytics and management, which, in turn, enhances collection analysis, user engagement, and resource allocation. For example, one topic that I’m investigating is how information visualization can be adopted to analyze the images that Bob Ross painted and discussed on the PBS series The Joy of Painting. Examining his artistic output as a dataset suggested complex themes related to emotion, memory, and the very act of painting itself. The preliminary findings show how information visualization can be used for art collection analysis by exploring the trajectory of artistic creation. Another topic I’m investigating is visualizing social media interactions (e.g., Pinterest boards and Twitter “tweets”) to further understand how libraries can use social media interactions to engage and attract patrons. One of the initial findings is that library users prefer participating in “active” services created by the library; thus libraries need to spend much more time and effort contributing to a creative theme or design on their chosen topics, rather than simply pushing static posts like book covers.


Social networks reveal the interests of millions of individual consumers, as well as links within and among market segments. Besides targeted advertising, what benefits can social network analysis provide? How do these benefits differ between small and large enterprises?


Social network analysis can provide so much more than just targeted advertising, such as increasing customer loyalty and improving brand impression through better user understanding and engagement. In addition, through other in-depth analyses such as sentiment analysis and trend analysis, we can gain insight into the attitudes and/or behavioral patterns that users present. We can also identify different “types” of users (e.g., leaders vs. non-leaders), which helps target advertising further by tailoring marketing messages based on user influences.


I think the benefits apply to both small and large enterprises, but the strategies to deal with social network analysis may differ greatly based on available resources. Larger enterprises can take a more structured approach to social network analysis (e.g., by having an independent team that focuses on social media initiatives and strategies), while small enterprises may lack resources for intensive analysis. Therefore, you must design social media strategies carefully in order to optimize the potential benefits of social network analysis.


As platforms and their services evolve, what innovations in social network analysis do you foresee over the next 5 to 10 years?


I think one of the biggest innovations in social network analysis will emerge from the big data field – both the evolution, availability, and interconnectedness of large-scale datasets, as well as new methods and tools for data analytics. Although the scale of available data presents many challenges, it also opens exciting opportunities for even more in-depth knowledge mining and discovery, such as sentiment and trend analysis. Simultaneously, we will develop more integrated tools that support powerful platforms to search, monitor, analyze and visualize data.


How can corporate librarians integrate cutting-edge data research into their day-to-day work? What specific services do corporate librarians who lack a computer science background have to offer?


Fortunately, there are more and more data research tools that provide a complete, integrated solution for deep data analysis through user-friendly interfaces. I believe corporate librarians, or those who lack a computer science background, can master these tools. For example, I’m teaching a big data course this semester, and one of my students, who is working for a corporation, is learning how to use Splunk to analyze and visualize a large-scale dataset of consumer purchase history to gain deeper insights into location-based buying behaviors.


To enhance competitiveness, I think it is essential for corporate librarians to gain some skills and knowledge with large-scale data analysis and interpretation.


What specific topics will you be discussing at our upcoming Fall Seminar?


I will be discussing how librarians and information professionals can use information visualization to enhance our daily work. This includes analyzing, displaying, communicating and interpreting massive amounts of abstract data effectively and efficiently via visual representations. I will demonstrate how information visualization can be used to help libraries and librarians utilize abundant data resources (to which they now have more and more access) to provide better collection analysis, resource allocation, and user engagement.


Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to your presentation.

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Leadership Summit Update

Amy Jankowski, 2014 President-Elect, and I went to SLA Leadership Summit in Memphis, January 14-17. Chapter and Division leaders attend this summit to learn about SLA resources, governance, and tools. The agenda and more detail are available here:

We received several compliments and thanks for SLA-SD’s host chapter activities and help during the 2013 Annual Conference – thanks again to all!

A few highlights:

Open Board Meeting: Agenda and reports are available here: The documents mentioned below can be accessed via this link.

  • Executive session:
    • Valerie Perry was elected by board to fill Division Chair vacancy, due to death of Ann Koopman
    • Passed a balanced budget; details were not distributed.
    • 2014 is final year of 3-year strategic plan; review started.
  • Conference Re-Envisioning Task force established was established two years ago to address declining attendance. Final report and recommendations delivered.
  • Financial wrap-up. Numbers not yet available for 2013. SLA continues to have cash flow problems and took out a $300K+ loan during 2013 to meet obligations. Changes to session formats will include Quick Talks, Spotlight sessions, and closing session will be a Ted Talk format.
  • Unit treasurers’ wiki has been relaunched, along with discussion list, and newsletter. Incoming treasurers will be signed into the wiki in February.
  • Committee members then summarized reports that are available in full on the SLA website.
    • Public Relations Advisory Council: See report “The Evolving Value of Information Management based on Financial Times Survey”: . Communication tools are also available on Public Relations wiki.
    • Chapter Cabinet: 2013 annual reports and 2013 financial reports due January 31. Nearly 50% of branches had budget shortfalls
    • Online Content Advisory Council – Twitter users should watch for #SLATALK discussions; see discussion archive.
    • Student Ambassadors – Suggest more collaboration between First Five, Fellows and Student Groups.

Highlights of Summit sessions:

  • Presidential Vision and Theme: Concept of extending our borders, as an organization and as professionals. Theme is “Beyond Borders” – Watch SLA website for detail.
  • Membership Tips:
    • Recognize Past President contributions and encourage continued participation.
    • Partner with other organizations locally and with divisions for programming.
  • State of the Association: Membership is holding steady; finances are tight. Everyone is encouraged to complete the Every Member Survey in February.
  • Treasurers Report: Expenses and income are in alignment.
  • Other sessions included Demystifying Running for the Board and Tips on Using the SLA website. Note that there are many resources available for membership. The links in the bottom footer are useful for navigation.
  • No business for either Chapter or Joint Cabinet.


Jill Blaemers, SLA-SD President 2014

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More photos of West Coast Chapters Reception

A few more photos of the SLA West Coast Chapters Reception:

Washington DC SLA Jun09 059

SLA-SD Chapter member Kathy Cook and her husband Steve greeting attendees at the welcome table.

Washington DC SLA Jun09 053


The poster thanking our sponsors.

Washington DC SLA Jun09 055 Washington DC SLA Jun09 056

The views of the White House and the Washington Monument from the windows of the First Amendment Lounge at the National Press Club.




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Photos from SLA Annual Conference 2009

Here are some photos from the SLA Annual Conference held in Washington DC June 13-17. You can click on the photos to see the full size image.

Washington DC SLA Jun09 027 Washington DC SLA Jun09 054 Washington DC SLA Jun09 028Washington DC SLA Jun09 030

SLA CEO Janice Lachance at podium and President Gloria Zamora at left at the opening of the INFO-EXPO exhibit hall.


Washington DC SLA Jun09 036


Full-size cardboard figures of President Obama, Vice President Biden, and Secretary of State Clinton were very popular. President Obama is either very tall or SLA-SD Past President Kathy Quinn is very short . . . hmmm . . .

Washington DC SLA Jun09 042

The Hoover robot was quite a hit, greeting the attendees as we entered the ballroom for the opening session and keynote speech by Gen. Colin Powell. The robot was programmed to “talk” and even interact and respond.  Quite fun!


Washington DC SLA Jun09 031 SLA-SD Chapter President Cindy Shamel at the AIIP (Association for Independent Information Professionals) booth in the exhibit hall.Washington DC SLA Jun09 051

SLA-SD Chapter member Kathy Cook, Past President Kathy Quinn, and President Cindy Shamel enjoying the celebration of SLA’s Centennial.

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West Coast Chapters Members Network at Washington DC Reception

I can honestly say, that a good time was had by all.  The National Press Club First Amendment Lounge hummed with intense networking on Monday evening, June 15.  Over 115 members from the seven West Coast Chapters enjoyed the company of their colleagues along with scrumptious food and refreshing beverages.

IMG_1134 IMG_1148Organizer and Past President of the San Diego Chapter, Kathy Quinn welcomed all of the guests and thanked our very generous sponsors.   These included IEEE, Infotrieve, EOS, ReprintsDesk, CyberTools for Libraries, Dialog, and Ovid.

IMG_1152 IMG_1136                       

Attendees enjoyed good conversation, good food, and fabulous views.  From the windows we could glimpse the Washington Monument and the roof of the White House.

Thanks go to volunteers Kathy Cook, Cubic Corporation; Cindy Shamel, Shamel Information Services; and Gus Pritchett, Gemological Institute of America for staffing the welcome table.

Special thanks to Kathy Quinn for organizing a most enjoyable and successful 2009 West Coast Chapters Reception.

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International librarianship conference draws SLA members

Info pros from the US, Mexico and beyond gathered March
4-6, 2009 at the XV Transborder Library Forum (FORO) conference in Tijuana. This
year’s conference addressed “Exploring Common Interests; Expanding

SLA-SD member Martha McPhail, a longtime FORO participant,
moderated in Spanish a panel on how the economic crisis is affecting bookstores. SLA-SD President-Elect Bobbi Weaver gave a
presentation on Spanish-language legal resources.
Other SLA-SD members also participated in this year’s FORO.

During a conference dinner at the library on the CETYS
Tijuana campus, several SLA members paused for photos. The group photo shown
here includes, left to right: SLA Business & Finance member, Jenny
Mueller-Alexander with Arizona State University; Jesus Lau with Universidad
Veracruzana and incoming president of the Mexican Library Association AMBAC
(; Martha McPhail
with SDSU; Dorothy McGarry with UCLA; Pat Sullivan with SDSU; SLA-SD member
Daria DeCooman with Elsevier; and Armando Robles with CETYS.

This year, San Diego State University and CETYS
Universidad organized and helped support the FORO. However, notably, FORO isn’t
officially part of any association and has no ties to other organizations. On
March 5, during a conference session, Dr. Jesus Lau showed photos of past FOROs
and talked about the valuable impact of these grassroots conferences on his
life. After his talk, folks raved about the personal-testimonial-type approach
in taking a look at the importance of FORO conferences. Attendees loved the
photos Dr. Lau shared and praised him for taking them on a trip down memory

The 2011 FORO will take place at the University of Texas
in Austin. See the FORO site at

Martha McPhail moderates a 2009 FORO panel.


SLA-SD members and colleagues from both sides
of the border
have fun at the 2009 FORO in Tijuana.

Submitted by SLA-SD Archivist Daria DeCooman

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Heading to DC this Summer for the Annual Conference?

SLA and American Association of Law Libraries will both meet in Washington, DC this summer.  In San Diego we’re joining forces to prepare for the trek East.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009
5:30 – 7:00 PM California Western School of Law       Washmon

350 Cedar Street Room LH-1
San Diego

Join us for an informal meeting and pizza party.  We’ll show short films and have literature available about our nation’s capitol.

RSVP by Februry 13 to Bobbi Weaver
Bring $5.00 to cover the cost of the pizza and drinks.

Parking – limited street parking with paid lots in the area.

Public Transportation – Civic Center trolley stop (3rd & C St.); Beech St. stop of bus Route 11; Ash St. stop of bus route 30; or take Coaster to Santa Fe Depot and transfer to 3rd & C Trolley.

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SLA Centennial

Many of you probably heard about SLA's plans to celebrate the association's centennial in 2009.  The initial plan was for a gala event on Sunday evening during next year's annual conference.  When that plan was presented to division and chapter officers at this year's annual conference, there were many objections, primarily due to the cost and the limited number (2,000) of tickets for the gala.  The Centennial Commission listened to those objections and has cancelled the gala.  Further details are in the email below.

– Kathy Quinn, SLA-SD President

– – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear Leaders,

You spoke and the SLA Centennial Commission has listened:  The Centennial Gala originally planned as part of SLA 2009 will not take place.  After careful consideration, we determined that looking into other types of events to honor the association would be more appropriate for the membership.

We look forward to incorporating centennial celebrations throughout the SLA 2009 Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO, as well as throughout the year.  With this more inclusive approach, all SLA members will have numerous opportunities to toast the first century of our achievements together as information professionals and applaud the exciting changes taking place at SLA and in our profession.

One of the events the Commission is considering is an Opening Centennial Reception (not requiring unit sponsorship) on Sunday evening following the Opening General Session. Please note that this change leaves Sunday night open for unit planners to plan activities and members may come and go at the reception as they wish. One schedule under consideration for Sunday is as follows:

1:00 pm INFO-EXPO Opening with cake and champagne/sparkling cider

3:00-5:00 pm INFO-EXPO Networking Reception with food

5:15-7:15 pm Opening Session

7:30-9:00 pm Opening Centennial Reception with light food, drinks and entertainment

Thank you for your continued support of SLA’s Centennial Celebration. There will be opportunities for sponsorship of centennial activities at the conference and throughout the year, and more information will be forthcoming. We will continue to keep you updated on our plans to make the entire year a very special one that both celebrates the past and envisions a bright future for the association and the profession.

As always, we continue to solicit your suggestions, which you can send to

All the best,

The Centennial Commission and 2009 Conference Planning Committee

Dav Robertson, Chair

Lynne McCay

Bill Fisher

David Cappoli

Patricia Cia

Kristin Foldvik

Stacey Greenwell

John Larrier

Tamika McCollough

DeVonne Parks

Deborah Rash

Tom Rink

Karen Kreizman Reczek

Cara Schatz

Information to Inspiration: Knowledge & Vision Shaping the Future

SLA Celebrating 100 Years: 1909-2009

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Internet Librarian 2007 Conference

Internet Librarian 2007 Conference Report
by SuHui Ho, SLA-SD Chapter Treasurer

“2.0: Info Pros, Library Communities & Web
Tools” were the themes of the Internet Librarian 2007 Conference.  Web
2.0 and Library 2.0 were the buzz words in this conference with eleven tracks
devoted to the various aspects of the web and web 2.0 issues.  The tracks

1. Information discovery & search. 
2. Web design and
3. Strategies & best practices.   
4. Learning:
more than teaching. 
5. Enterprise trends. 
6. 2.0 organizations
& roles. 
7. Virtual worlds & libraries. 
8. Search
9. Content management. 
10. Digital libraries, systems,
11. Games, videos & libraries.   

The Internet
Librarian 2007 Conference has evolved from a “geek” conference
attended mostly by webmasters and IT personnel to a conference attended by a
wide audience including public services librarians and
administrators interested in delivering library services to the web, a
core space of the library.  One trend that is evident in the conference is
libraries nationwide are embracing the web as a core service space.  The
focus has been shifted from merely delivering resources on the web to providing
services on the web.  Libraries are experimenting with various web 2.0
tools to market the library, promote resources, interact with users, and create
communities right on the web space.  Libraries should actively seek out
“best practices” in using web 2.0 tools in public services and
participate in developing a new service model in this web space. 

Another point I took from the conference is that libraries need to develop new
ways to measure our success.  As Joe Janes, the keynote speaker of the
conference noted, libraries are more successful than ever. However
libraries’ budgets have not increased because libraries have not
systematically gathered web statistics even though the number has doubled.  It is beneficial for libraries to develop strategies to gather
various web statistics, from web pages, OPACs, e-journal usage, and other electronic

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