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SLA Strategic Recommendations: SLA-SD Discussion Session, Monday, June 8 @ Ashford University, 4:30 – 6:00 pm

Dear SLA-SD Members,


As you know, SLA President Jill Strand recently announced that the SLA Change Consultants, Cindy Shamel and Ulla de Stricker, who were engaged by SLA to provide strategic recommendations in areas such as marketplace positioning and viability, membership revenue and growth, and conference modeling forwarded their report to the board – See more at: tasked with providing strategic recommendations to the organization in areas such as marketplace positioning and viability, membership revenue and growth, and conference modeling, forwarded their report to the SLA Board. The report is currently available to all SLA members through the following link: (SLA login required to access report). If accepted and enacted, many of these recommendations will translate into significant changes in the organization. It is an exciting time to be an active member, and all are encouraged to engage in this discussion of our future!


SLA has provided several opportunities for member feedback, including:


  1. By e-mailing your comments to the secretary of the board, Tara Murray, who will organize the comments by recommendation and forward them to the board on a weekly basis;
  2. By submitting questions for consideration at a virtual Town Hall for SLA members on May 27 – recording now available through Key Board Initiatives page:, “Change Consultant” section (SLA member login required)
  3. By sharing your thoughts in person during the comment periods at the board meeting in Boston on Saturday, June 13, prior to the start of the SLA 2015 Annual Conference;
  4. By speaking directly with board members throughout the conference; and
  5. By asking questions during the annual business meeting, to be held at SLA 2015 on Tuesday, June 16, at 5:00 p.m. (This will mark the cut-off for the board to receive comments.)
In an effort to engage our chapter members – and ourselves – in this discussion, SLA-SD will be holding a discussion session on the evening of Monday, June 8, 4:30 – 6:00 pm at Ashford University. During this time, members are encouraged to discuss the recommendations’ strengths and weaknesses; address strong points, concerns, confusion, and additional ideas; and ask questions among each other to clarify how these recommendations may affect us as individuals and as a chapter.


Example questions:


  • How will the recommended changes to business partnerships / vendor sponsorship rules (centralizing requests for funding; sharing revenue 50/50 with HQ) affect our ability to fund SLA-SD Chapter programs (particularly Fall Seminar)? (section 3.1)
  • Regarding recommended changes to SLA’s educational products and services — such as positioning SLA as a lifelong career school for members — is there a strategy to encourage broader recognition of the value in SLA certifications and coursework by employers and other related industries? (section 4)
  • How do the recommended changes to leadership training (eliminating the January in-person Leadership Summit and replacing this with web-based training) affect our future leaders? Will web training be sufficient, or even better? (section 5.1.a)
  • Should content management of the SLA Annual Conference be entrusted to a single professional (or two), shifting content selection away from SLA units? Would this planning position be outsourced, or should this individual be a member or otherwise affiliated with SLA? (section 5.1.c)
  • What are your thoughts on the recommended consolidation and standardization of SLA Divisions? How would these affect members — positively and negatively? (section 6.1.a)
  • What implications do the recommended changes to Chapter organization have for our San Diego Chapter? (section 6.1.b)
  • Are the recommendations for securing immediate operating funds for  SLA Headquarters appropriate? Should SLA HQ plan to access unit funds to avoid deficit? (section 7.1)
Discussion attendees are encouraged to come prepared by reading the full recommendations and noting any particular areas that merit discussion. We will have several copies of the recommendations on hand just in case they’re needed. If anyone is unable to attend but has discussion points to offer, please send them along to me, and I will pose them to our group.


Event Summary
What: SLA Strategic Recommendations Discussion Session
When: Monday, June 8, 4:30 – 6:00 pm
Where: Ashford University
           8620 Spectrum Center Blvd
           San Diego, CA 92123
           **Note: Elizabeth Grossman, Ashford’s Senior Director of Library Services, will greet attendees in the Ashford lobby beginning at 4:15 pm. We will be meeting in a 10th floor conference room. Light refreshments of cookies, coffee, and water will be served!
Questions: contact, 630.251.3735


Please RSVP to Amy at:


Thank you – and I hope to see you next week!


Amy Jankowski
2015 President
SLA San Diego Chapter

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SLA-SD Annual Business Meeting Recap

SLA-SD Annual Business Meeting Recap

Happy Holidays SLA-San Diego! We had a great turnout for a fun holiday dinner and business meeting at Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza in Del Mar on December 9. The business portion of the meeting centered on a recap of chapter’s activities, awards ceremony, and installation of the 2015 board. I’ll outline the program here as a final President’s Update for 2014. In wrapping up the year, special thanks were given to Executive and Advisory Board members for all their efforts and initiatives in the past year:

  • President-Elect Amy Jankowski orchestrated some great tours, programs and happy hours this year – we toured the Central Library and the Braille Institute Library, and had an informative panel presentation on virtual reference at Ashford University. Several happy hours were held in conjunction with, and separately from, regular programs – a special thanks to Cindy Shamel for organizing events at local breweries.
  • Past President Talitha Matlin did above- and beyond-work – she updated the Chapter Practices Manual, and organized a special award for SLA membership and fall seminar attendance for a nonprofit librarian. As a result of this we welcomed Kristi Ehrig-Burgess to SLA-San Diego. Talitha also headed the Nominating Committee, resulting in the excellent slate of offices for 2015.
  • Treasurer Jennifer Silverman did a fabulous job as Chapter Treasurer – and learned a great deal about budgeting and finance as a result. She is looking for a committee person so please consider this as a learning opportunity and jump on in!
  • Secretary Kathy Elliott made our lives easier with her reliable and timely keeping of the minutes.
  • Director Isabelle Garcia, with her committee of Pat Alderman and Charlotte King-Mills, gave us an outstanding fall seminar. We appreciate all their efforts and thank them so very much!
  • Eileen Schnur held the Business Partner position, and her work in garnering sponsorship support surely helped the chapter stay in the black for 2014.
  • Communications Chair Jamie Lin, along with Tim Gladson, kept our blog lively with regular updating. We appreciate Tim’s substantive contributions over the course of the year!
  • Student Liaison Zem Lee graduated from SJSU SLIS in May and took on a new position at UCI, and still managed to pull together a productive book drive (380 books!!) and organize the scholarship process.
  • Employment Chair Donna Dutton continues to keep us apprised of employment opportunities – thanks for the timely and regular posting of job listings.
  • Hospitality Chair Lauren Rasmussen Banovz did her usual amazing job managing registration for our events and welcoming attendees.
  • Ali Hennessy and Kate Vigderson held down membership – thanks for their efforts too!

Treasurer Jennifer Silverman then presented the budget YTD and balance sheet. If anyone would like to have a copy of those documents, please contact Jennifer.

Next Zemirah Lee presented the Scholarship Award to our newest member and 2015 Student Liaison Marie Myers. Marie is a second-year MLIS student at SJSU and a freelance web developer.  Formerly, she worked with the San Diego Web Team, building web applications for the site.  Her interests are special collections and archives, digital curation, and information retrieval and access. Currently she volunteers at the San Diego Natural History Museum’s Research Library, assisting in a metadata transcription project for the archives’ historical photographs collections.

I was delighted to present President’s Awards to two chapter members who perform outstanding service to the chapter:

  • Lauren Rasmussen, our Hospitality Chair, provides amazing service – ensuring reliable and timely registration for our events – and does it with great charm. Though we did put back up support in place, Lauren continued to handle fall seminar registration through the week of her wedding – that’s above and beyond, and organized!
  • Cindy Shamel, a long-time chapter member who has served in multiple capacities, continues to provide wonderful counsel, mentoring, leadership, and fellowship to us all. Her efforts are often quiet and unassuming, but they are most appreciated!

Past President Talitha Matlin next installed the new members of the 2015 incoming board:

  • President Elect Eileen Schnur
  • Director Penny Coppernoll-Blach
  • Director Deborah Kegel

The meeting adjourned with the passing of the gavel to 2015 President  Amy Jankowski. I know it’s going to be a great new year for SLA-San Diego!


Happy Holidays to all!

Jill Blaemers, SLA-San Diego President, 2014


Photo Gallery



librarians (2) (Sammy's) 12-9-14

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Summer Update

SLA-San Diego has been in motion on several fronts these hot summer months:

  • Director Isabelle Garcia and her committee members Pat Alderman and Charlotte King-Mills have set an exciting and timely theme for our annual fall seminar and we should have an inspiring day: The Data Storm: How to prepare, how to survive.  Presentations will address topics related to the implications of the surge of data and the role of the information professional in the world of data. This is a fascinating and important topic, with great opportunities for professional growth, and I encourage you to plan on attending. Save the date: Friday, October 24, 2014 at Marina Village Conference Center, San Diego, CA. More details are found on the chapter blog.
  • Zemirah Lee has organized our 5th Annual Words Alive Book Drive. For details, visit here and please do consider hosting a collection box at your workplace! We’ll collect these at a happy hour event being planned for August.
  • Congrats to our MARC My Words! May Madness team members Zemirah Lee, Jennifer Silverman, Natalie Lopez, Tim Gladson, Amy Jankowski, and Lauren Rasmussen for their strong 7th place finish. You did us proud and had a lot of fun doing so!!
  • We had a great turnout for the May program on Virtual Reference and Research Services organized by SLA-SD President-Elect Amy Jankowski. Panels from Ashford University (AU) and the University of San Diego provided insightful strategy and examples. Thanks to SLA-SD chapter member and AU Library Director Elizabeth Grossman for hosting at AU San Diego headquarters.
  • We held our Q2 SLA-SD board meeting in early May. Minutes are available on the blog.

It was wonderful to see a number of our chapter members at SLA annual in Vancouver. Programming was as usual quite strong, as were pre-conference seminars. Spotlight sessions highlighted a different theme each day – embedded information services, leadership services, and big data. Quick take sessions offered 15-minute practical tips on various topics, including tips for your LinkedIn resume, networking, analytical tools, and more.  You can review the Contributed Paper series here.

I attended the open Executive Board meeting session in Vancouver. Most of the reports presented there are available in pdf with the agenda, available here . Two items of note:

  • The Board, under recommendation of the Cabinet leaders, has recommended an amendment to the bylaws recognizing the Joint Cabinet as an official body of SLA.  This reflects the way we have been operating and provides all unit leaders a chance to meet together and communicate with the board. Bylaw amendments are currently being reviewed by the Bylaws committee and are expected to be presented to the board for a vote in July and inclusion on the electronic ballot in September. Stay tuned for more information on this.
  • Some questions were raised about the SLA Headquarters Building Sale – answers are found on the FAQ posted to the national website.

Finally, thanks to our blog team – Jamie Lee and Tim Gladson – for making timely updates to the blog. We appreciate the fabulous informational posts on topics like GIS. Also, thanks to Donna Dutton, Employment Chair, for so diligently posting job and internship openings.

Stay tuned for information on an August event!

Jill Blaemers, SLA-SD President, 2014






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Spring Update

Greetings SLA-SD!

Hope everyone’s 2014 is going wonderfully!

Several members stepped forward in response to our call for committee volunteers and we thank them very much: Pat Alderman and Charlotte King-Mills, who will assist Fall Seminar director Isabelle Garcia; and Tim Gladson, who is assisting Jamie Lin with blog management. In a recent post, Tim highlighted a few valuable resources on the SLA website that are available to members – if you missed it, visit here.

President-Elect Amy Jankowski would appreciate having a volunteer work with her to develop programming and help with event logistics. We had a great group in attendance at the first program of the year: the March 20 tour of the Central Library followed by an informal happy hour. Thanks Amy for organizing this fun event!

Subsequent to the February 2, 2014 board meeting, the Executive Board had a series of business items to complete and these actions have now been incorporated into the minutes (Thanks Kathy Elliot!). The minutes are now posted for your perusal on the blog.

As one of these tasks, the Executive Board approved the 2014 budget via electronic vote. We are happy to share that with SLA-San Diego members, but decided against posting it to the open web. Contact me or Treasurer Jennifer Silverman for a copy. In recognition of the healthy state of chapter finances, including reserves, we allowed some budget to help offset having to change member fees for regular programming. We also have money in the budget this year that is to be utilized specifically for member social events, based on a vote of the 2013 board. These funds are largely available as a result of the efforts of the 2013 Convention Planning committee, led by Kathy Quinn, and especially to Bobbi Weaver’s work in raising donations for the raffle baskets – thanks again to Kathy and all those who participated!

We’ve also made a few modifications to the Chapter Practices Manual, and Past President Talitha Matlin has finalled these changes and updated a few links in the manual.  It is posted to the website here. Thanks Talitha! The manual is an excellent resource for understanding how the chapter functions and what the roles and responsibilities are for chapter leaders. Please do peruse  and consider in particular if there are leadership areas, either executive or advisory board, that may be of interest to you.

As a reminder, I also encourage everyone to register on the blog to receive email notices and/or RSS updates when new items are posted to the blog. You can sign up for either tool by clicking on the relevant links under “Keep in Touch” on the right-hand side of the home page .

Feel free to send comments and suggestions anytime! I look forward to seeing you at the next SLA-San Diego event!!

Jill Blaemers, SLA-SD President 2014

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Leadership Summit Update

Amy Jankowski, 2014 President-Elect, and I went to SLA Leadership Summit in Memphis, January 14-17. Chapter and Division leaders attend this summit to learn about SLA resources, governance, and tools. The agenda and more detail are available here:

We received several compliments and thanks for SLA-SD’s host chapter activities and help during the 2013 Annual Conference – thanks again to all!

A few highlights:

Open Board Meeting: Agenda and reports are available here: The documents mentioned below can be accessed via this link.

  • Executive session:
    • Valerie Perry was elected by board to fill Division Chair vacancy, due to death of Ann Koopman
    • Passed a balanced budget; details were not distributed.
    • 2014 is final year of 3-year strategic plan; review started.
  • Conference Re-Envisioning Task force established was established two years ago to address declining attendance. Final report and recommendations delivered.
  • Financial wrap-up. Numbers not yet available for 2013. SLA continues to have cash flow problems and took out a $300K+ loan during 2013 to meet obligations. Changes to session formats will include Quick Talks, Spotlight sessions, and closing session will be a Ted Talk format.
  • Unit treasurers’ wiki has been relaunched, along with discussion list, and newsletter. Incoming treasurers will be signed into the wiki in February.
  • Committee members then summarized reports that are available in full on the SLA website.
    • Public Relations Advisory Council: See report “The Evolving Value of Information Management based on Financial Times Survey”: . Communication tools are also available on Public Relations wiki.
    • Chapter Cabinet: 2013 annual reports and 2013 financial reports due January 31. Nearly 50% of branches had budget shortfalls
    • Online Content Advisory Council – Twitter users should watch for #SLATALK discussions; see discussion archive.
    • Student Ambassadors – Suggest more collaboration between First Five, Fellows and Student Groups.

Highlights of Summit sessions:

  • Presidential Vision and Theme: Concept of extending our borders, as an organization and as professionals. Theme is “Beyond Borders” – Watch SLA website for detail.
  • Membership Tips:
    • Recognize Past President contributions and encourage continued participation.
    • Partner with other organizations locally and with divisions for programming.
  • State of the Association: Membership is holding steady; finances are tight. Everyone is encouraged to complete the Every Member Survey in February.
  • Treasurers Report: Expenses and income are in alignment.
  • Other sessions included Demystifying Running for the Board and Tips on Using the SLA website. Note that there are many resources available for membership. The links in the bottom footer are useful for navigation.
  • No business for either Chapter or Joint Cabinet.


Jill Blaemers, SLA-SD President 2014

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SLA-San Diego Q1 Board Meeting Date Set for Feb 1

The SLA-SD Executive and Advisory Board will hold our first board meeting of the year on February 1, 2014, 10am-noon, in the Board Conference Room of the Grossmont Healthcare District, 9001 Wakarusa Street, La Mesa, California. Click here for directions .  The second and third quarter board meetings will be conducted virtually and the fourth will be held as part of the annual holiday event.

All chapter members are welcome to participate.

Chapter officers and committee chairs will report on activities and plans for 2014. We’ll discuss goals for the coming year as a group, the proposed budget, and committee needs. Initiatives of the 2013 board, led by President Talitha Matlin, and our amazing 2013 conference committee spearheaded by Kathy Quinn with the able assistance of Bobbi Weaver and a host of other chapter members,  have left us in a very positive financial position – many thanks to all! The new board will consider how to make the most of this position to benefit our membership while prudently maintaining the chapter’s financial security for coming years.

I’ve updated the blog with names and positions of Executive and Advisory Board members. If you are interested in volunteering for committee work, by all means let us know!

Please do consider attending on February 1 to learn more about how the chapter operates. I’d appreciate your letting me know if you will be attending. Also, note that parking is available at the facility; however, please do not park in spaces marked for staff or library use.

 Please contact me anytime with questions or suggestions.


 Jill Blaemers, SLA-San Diego President 2014


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San Diego Chapter receives the Chapter Membership Award for “Highest number increase” in 2013

President-Elect Amy Jankowsi and I are in Memphis at the 2014 SLA Leadership Summit. San Diego Chapter has received the Chapter Membership Award this afternoon as runner-up for “Highest number increase” (with nine new members) for 2013!!!

Congrats and thanks to everyone for their recruitment efforts in 2013! Many thanks especially to our 2013 President Talitha Matlin for her leadership, and to our Membership Co-Chairs Ali Hennessey and Kate Vigderson of course!! Let’s all carry this energy into our member recruitment and development efforts for 2014.

Winner was the Arabian Gulf Chapter with 154 new members! Our congratulations to this chapter as well.

We’ll be reporting with an update on Leadership Summit activities, news, and presentations next week, so stay tuned.

Jill Blaemers
SLA-San Diego President 2014

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Annual SLA-SD Business Meeting and Holiday Gala

Join us for our year-end meeting and dinner – come network, enjoy lively conversation and re-unite with your library and information center colleagues.  We’ll review our year, announce the new Executive Board members, the student scholarship winner and more!  Register here.

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Laura McMahon is our new Employment Chair

It is my pleasure to announce that

Laura McMahon is  our new Employment Chair  

 Laura has an MLIS from San Jose State University and a BA in English from San Diego State University and is currently Assistant Librarian at Hologic Gen-Probe.  Laura will be keeping you up to date with employment postings and news.  Please send job or position announcements or employment related information to Laura to post on SLA-SD Employment or Career Connections pages.  Welcome, Laura, and thank you!
Posted by Carla Hernandez, SLA-SD Chapter President

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Stepping up…

New SLA-SD Archivist – Kate Vigderson

I am happy to announce that Kate Vigderson has volunteered to take on the role of Chapter Archivist.  Kate will replace Marisela LaPlante, who has very capably filled this role since May of 2010.  Thank you for your service, Marisela and thank you, Kate!  Kate graduated from the San Jose State University – School of Library Science with an emphasis in archival studies. Please contact Kate if you have any chapter-related documents that she can place in the archives, including officer correspondence, meeting minutes, financial records, program handouts, etc. or if you have specific questions about what types of materials should be archived. Kate will continue to serve in her role as Membership Committee Co-Chair until the end of the year.

Ali Hennessy has volunteered to be co-chair of the Membership Committee and will work with Kate on our membership drive initiative and support member relations activities.  Ali was profiled in our Spring edition of the SLA San Diego Newsletter.  Thank you for stepping up and welcome, Ali!

Employment Chair  – Vacant

Katie Frey, has recently accepted a position in the Boston area and has resigned as Employment Chair.   We wish Katie all the best and thank her for serving our Chapter the last 15 months or so.   If you or anyone you know would be interested in filling this role, please contact me.  This is a great way to network with other librarians and information specialists and MAKE A DIFFERENCE!  The role requires no previous experience ;).  Interested?  Email me to find out more….

Wanted!  Chapter Treasurer

The Nominating Committee is looking to fill several key Executive Board Member positions: Treasurer, and President-Elect (among others) with term start of January 2013.  Adele Barsh – our current Treasurer – shared her insights about this position in our Spring Newsletter.  Please contact Britt Mueller, SLA-SD Past President, to find out more or to nominate yourself or to recommend a colleague.

Posted by Carla Hernandez

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