Research Analyst, Southwestern College


Under the direction of the Director of Institutional Research, Planning and Grants, plan, design, conduct, and assist in coordinating a comprehensive institutional research program; provide information and research about the functioning and outcomes of the College, its programs, and activities.  Perform extensive and technical institutional research and evaluation duties including those related to State and Federal mandated programs and activities; design and perform research and evaluation of institutional planning issues; coordinate research activities with District departments and groups; prepare reports for State and Federal agencies to fulfill compliance regulations and requirements and assure institutional effectiveness. REPRESENTATIVE DUTIES: Develop and implement procedures for collecting, analyzing, and reporting qualitative and quantitative information; design, conduct, write, and present institutional research on such topics as student retention, cohort tracking, student learning and institutional outcomes, and placement and outcomes assessment; in collaboration with the Director, other college leaders, and research analysts assist in designing and implementing an outcome assessment program and system for improving institutional and program performance; create, design, develop, query, and maintain computer databases, files, and records related to the institutional research function including such studies and analyses as student cohort tracking, enrollment studies and projects, reports of Weekly Student Contact Hours (WSCH), Full-time Equivalent Faculty (FTEF) to part-time faculty ratios, student success and outcomes studies, the College’s Fast Facts Book and various simulation models; prepare and present oral and written reports with accompanying tabular, graphic, and statistical content to faculty and administration; specifically producing reports for Accreditation, Campus Climate Survey, curriculum and Career Technical Education (CTE) and Labor Market Information (LMI) as well as regional/state/national labor data; write and execute computer queries to retrieve information from the District’s relational database system; design, develop, and implement survey research, including survey instruments and questionnaires; utilize accurate statistical procedures and sampling techniques for institutional research projects; assure high levels of confidence and reliability to survey results; prepare reports for State and Federal agencies to fulfill compliance regulations and requirements and to assure institutional effectiveness; operate a variety of software packages used for data analysis, data management, graphics and, word processing; perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned.

MUST HAVE KNOWLEDGE OF: Institutional Research, its literature, organizations and practices; research design, methods, sampling frames, and analytical strategies and techniques; descriptive and inferential statistics; data reduction and display techniques; survey design and research techniques; statistical and PC software packages and relational database management software use and word processing; standard and advanced statistical procedures related to sampling, correlation analysis, projections and other quantitative measures applied to education, social and program research and evaluation; regression techniques, principles and tables; research design for original data collection and analysis; use of personal computers and mainframe and appropriate software packages including proficient use of standard statistical software; technical report writing skills in organizing and presenting narrative and statistical information; technical aspects of field of specialty; English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation; oral and written communication skills; public speaking techniques; interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy. MUST HAVE ABILITY TO: Acquire knowledge of higher education, college functions, policies, processes, practices and dynamics; gather, validate, and interpret data from a wide variety of sources including literature and Internet searches; perform statistical analyses and interpret results and findings; report and communicate complex ideas and research information and findings clearly and concisely in oral and written form to a variety of audiences; requires sensitivity to and understanding of the cultural, socioeconomic and ethnic diversity of a community college; perform extensive technical research and evaluation duties; design forms for various research purposes and target audiences; design and perform research and evaluation of District matriculation and other institutional planning issues; interpret and apply applicable sections of the State Education Code and other related laws and regulations; interact with, participate on and conduct presentations to District faculty, college groups, committees and others; prepare reports for District personnel and State agencies to fulfill compliance regulations and requirements and to assure institutional and matriculation effectiveness for appropriate funding; conduct meetings and interviews necessary for investigation and data collection related to assigned research projects; work as a team member with other research staff and members of college staff involved in institutional and matriculation research projects, grants development and other related activities; communicate effectively, both orally and in writing; establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in the course of work.

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