Literacy & Volunteer Services Supervisor, Napa County

Job Title: Literacy & Volunteer Services Supervisor
Closing Date/Time: Fri. 04/26/13 5:00 PM Pacific Time
Salary: $26.40 – $31.64 Hourly
$2,112.00 – $2,531.20 Biweekly
$4,576.00 – $5,484.27 Monthly
$54,912.00 – $65,811.20 Annually
Job Type: Full Time
Location: Library – 580 Coombs Street, Napa, California

Plans, organizes, coordinates and supervises the work of the literacy program and volunteer services for the Napa County Library; and develops, processes and writes grants for the literacy program.


 The minimum qualification screening is currently scheduled to take place as the applications are received.  A review of qualified candidate responses to the supplemental application questions is scheduled to take place during the week of May 6, 2013. The top scoring applicants from this process will be invited to participate in the departmental interview process, which is tentatively scheduled to take place the week of May 20, 2013.  Human Resources reserves the right to make changes to the recruitment process and schedule at any time.

Example of Duties:
Plan, organize and coordinate the work of the literacy program and volunteer services for the library; supervise the literacy staff by assisting with selections and promotions, conducting performance evaluations and recommending disciplinary actions and dismissals; create orientation materials and train personnel and volunteers for the literacy programs; establish procedures for literacy program and volunteer activities; create orientation and administer orientation and training materials and present them to staff, contract personnel and volunteers; explain library policies to literacy staff, volunteers, tutors, clients and the general public. Develop, write and administer grants for the literacy program; maintain categorized grant resource files; monitor line item budgets for the literacy program and for all grants the literacy program operates; monitor and evaluate the literacy program and volunteer services programs; implement policies, goals and objectives set forth by the library administration; supervise the recruitment of clients for the literacy program and counsel them as to available and appropriate programs; monitor progress of clients in the literacy program and maintain appropriate records; select materials for literacy clients’ use and instructional materials for tutors and for the resource collection; coordinate and/or prepare press releases and other publicity for the literacy program and volunteer services for review by library administration; participate in public events with concurrence by library administration; speak and deliver presentations to community groups in regards to literacy programs: maintain records of the unit’s activities; and, prepare written and oral reports for the California State Library and other agencies


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